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The OB/GYN Doctors at Women's Health Care of Warren


Gerard J. Pregenzer, MD, FACOG, FACS, FICS, FAACS, ACGE

Dr. Pregenzer graduated from UMDNJ, Newark, New Jersey. While in his third year there, he was invited to become a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Society, national medical honors society, whose members number less than 10% of this nation's physicians.

He completed his residency in Obstetrics and  Gynecology at Columbia Presbyterian, where he received the coveted Howard C. Taylor Award for "Excellence in Teaching."

Dr. Pregenzer has unique obstetrical skills.

  •      Cerclage - This is performed on a pregnant woman when her cervix is incompetent and she will lose the pregnancy. The cervix is stitched closed until a full     term delivery can be performed. Dr. Pregenzer performed this three times when the experts at Columbia and NYU had told him to give up on the pregnancies and have the women start over again.
  •      Version -   This is performed when the fetus is in breech position. It is done by manipulating the fetus from the outside of the mother's abdomen. This optimizes the chance for a normal vaginal birth. Dr. Pregenzer's version rate is 95%

Dr. Pregenzer is a fellow of:

  •      American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  •      American College of Surgeons
  •      American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons

He is also a member of the American College of Gynecologic Endoscopists.