Age Management

Women's Health Care of Warren is now certified in Age Management Medicine for female and male patients. We utilize well-established protocols based on evidence-based medicine and solid science.

We have an ever expanding aging population with about 80 million “baby boomers” and one American turning age 50 years every 8 seconds. Our concept of the “Golden Years” is changing and new paradigms are being established with traditional retirement mentality something of the past. Many over 50 yrs. are starting new careers and refuse to sit idly and watch TV, as in the past. A very disturbing article in the New England Journal of Medicine (March 2005) predicts that the first time in human history, a generation of children will not live as long as their parents. This is mostly due to physical inactivity and the poor nutrition, the exploding epidemic of obesity with partners: metabolic syndrome, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. This can all be reversed and prevented by following well-established age management protocols.

Old age is not a disease, but a natural process affecting all humans. We cannot stop aging, but we can certainly change the way we age. This is what we endeavor to achieve at Women's Health Care Age Management. Our comprehensive approach seeks to prevent premature disability, disease and death by evaluating a patient’s nutritionals status, micronutrient status, physical activity status and hormone status.

After enrolling in our age management program, an extensive medical history is taken, and a lifestyle questionnaire obtained. Comprehensive laboratory tests are collected. DEXA scan, ultrasound and various exercise assessment tests are performed. Once the test results are completed, each patient spends about 1.5 hours with a certified nutrionist and physical trainer. Finally, about a 2 hour consultation with Dr. Pregenzer discussing your results and recommendations are made. Specific anti-inflammatory nutritional regimen is created and specific nutraceutical grade vitamins and supplements are offered. A patient specific custom designed exercise program is also created and discuss for we believe this is a crucial part in preventing or delaying age related morbidity and diseases. Finally, when appropriate, hormone supplementation may be recommended to optimize your body’s homeostasis. We believe in physiologic “body identical” supplementation and not supraphysiologic replacement therapy.

There is monthly follow up to discuss progress and if needed, a reassessment. All age management patients have ready access to our expert medical and service team.

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