Advances in Hair Loss Treatments


Hair loss can be very frustrating. When coping with this condition, you might feel like you will need to invest in wigs or hide your hair under a hat all day. But what if you could prevent hair loss or halt it in your tracks? This is the dream of many people dealing with hair loss and worried about the future.

About 1/3 of women experience hair loss in their lifetime, while men might experience hair loss as early as middle school. This means that a large portion of the population is struggling with hair loss or will eventually grapple with this problem. Hair loss treatment has come a long way in the last ten years, meaning there is hope for those struggling with hair loss.

New Treatments for Hair Loss

  • Robotic Hair Transplant
    While hair transplant is not a new treatment for hair loss, using robotic surgery to deliver this hair loss treatment is. Robotic surgery is much more accurate and is consistently linked with improved healing times and precise placement of hair transplants. There is low donor graft wastage when using robotic surgical precision. You will also have less scarring with this surgery, which increases donor success.
  • Stem Cell Therapy
    Stem cell therapy shows promise for various kinds of surgeries and treatments. Hair loss is no exception. This is still a little experimental treatment, but stem cells can help halt hair loss without invasive treatment. There is less scalp inflammation, and this treatment also provides lasting results. Stem cell therapy is still a costly treatment, however, and it will not be available everywhere. This treatment is also connected with some risk of scarring.
  • Plasma Therapy
    PRP therapy is not new. It is used for soft tissue injuries in athletes and can help heal tendons and other sports-related injuries. In this treatment model, blood is drawn and injected into the balding areas to help rejuvenate and heal the scalp. This treatment process helps reduce balding in those with early-onset hair loss, but it is not as effective for long-term baldness. This treatment also varies in efficacy based on each unique case, which can lead to this being a treatment plan that is lower on the list than some other choices.
  • QR 678
    This non-surgical hair regrowth treatment stops hair loss and “feeds” existing hair follicles to keep them from dying off. This treatment is done with a hair regrowth product that seems to prolong the anagen growth phase of the hair. This new treatment method needs some more study but has been shown to be effective in both female and male hair loss. This is a plant-based product, meaning it is safer and not associated with some of the risks and side effects of other, more traditional treatment methods.

Treating Hair Loss is Easier Than Ever

Treating hair loss for both men and women has never been easier. There is an array of traditional treatment methods that you can access, but there are also some exciting new treatments you can elect to try if you are interested in halting your hair loss and promoting new hair growth. Being spared the struggle of hiding your hair loss or the disappointment of failed treatments is easy when you choose from these options to help generate a hair loss management plan that works.

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