Sharic Lewis

This place is heaven to me.. the staff is absolutely amazing.. the dr is amazing.. he takes his time with you. Very smart and knowledgeable. Great sense of humor. I wish can give this place 10 stars that’s how good they are. I found a very good GYN doctor. I recommend him to anyone that needs a doctor like this.

Sara S.

It is SO refreshing to go to a doctor who not only listens, but asks the right questions, and takes the time to thoroughly explain the medical advice he offers. I love how this gynecologist views health care holistically, soliciting information regarding my diet, exercise regime, stress levels, etc instead of just focusing on my hoo-ha and getting me out of his office. Then he goes into detail to break down complex medical principles in a way a layperson can understand. Not feeling rushed helps makes going to this doctor a pleasant experience where I genuinely feel cared for.

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