Humans were never designed to stand and live to the age we do today.   For millions of years, we had children between ages 14 and 18 and were dead and gone by 24 for females and about 23 for males.

Who raised the children?  The clan did, it was survival.  It has been only the past few hundred years we have lived past 50 or 60 years.  The downward cycle of physical being, and mental abilities have been accepted as just a natural part of aging.  Not all of us accept this notion.  We are entering a time in history where medicine is unlocking the mysteries behind aging morbidities.

Senescence is when cells in our bodies stop functioning due to very short DNA (our genetic material). The DNA must be of a certain length to function.  As time goes on, the DNA gets shorter.  When a certain number of the cells in our bodies are senescent, life ends, naturally.  All other deaths are pathology and is this what medicine endeavors to put an end to.  I want you to one day not wake up, naturally (many years from now) and not die from a heart attack, stroke, or Alzheimer’s disease, etc.  Those are pathologies and are terrible.

Sometime between 25 and 30 years of age, our bodies start a slow change.  Many of these changes are hormonal.  Hormones are molecules that our bodies make in an endocrine gland (ovary, thyroid…) and travel through the blood to exert an effect on a target organ.  A lot of aging is related to changes in the hormones. By keeping our hormonal levels in a youthful, optimal level, many of the changes of aging and pathologies can be delayed.  This is what we are engaged in doing.

For years, thyroid, estrogen and progesterone hormones have been prescribed to get people back into the “normal” range. We at Womens Health Care endeavor to physiologically optimize your hormone balance.  There is a tremendous difference between optimal hormone replacement and standard medical therapy.  We prefer bioidentical hormones, structurally the same found in the body.

To the pharmaceutical company bioidentical hormones are a problem because you cannot patent natural or bioidentical compounds. You cannot patent water, but you can patent “natural spring “water. There is no money in bioidentical.  The pharmaceutical companies change the bioidentical compounds a little so they can profit.  However, they are never as good as mother Nature intended, in addition the metabolites of these drugs can cause problems as we will demonstrated later.

A large part of marketing a drug involves educating a physician about when and how to prescribe the drug.  Much of what we know about drugs comes from the sales reps and company literature.  Because the pharmaceutical companies do not make bioidentical products, most physicians do not learn about them unless they do personal research. (Not much time for that.)

Subsequent sections will discuss estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid replacement therapy. We will explain the pros and cons and will site literature so you will have a better understanding.  I am certain that you will be extremely impressed with the information.

We just saw a new patient the second week of June 2021, who is 43 years old.  She had a hysterectomy four years ago and now is having terrible hot flashes and cannot sleep through the night.  Wakes up during the night and has to ring out her nightgown.  She had blood tests clearly showing she is in menopause.  Incredibly, her Gyn told her to simply open the windows to get air!  She was emotional and begging us for help.  Medicine can do so much better than this.

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