Label Definitions

Organic: Concerning animals such as chickens, eggs, and meat, organic means the animals were not fed growth hormones, given antibiotics, were given organic feed (no pesticides, fertilizers used, no GMO), not irradiated.

All vegetarian-fed : Animals were not fed animal byproducts, so they were most likely fed grains, pseudo-grains and soy, which are most likely filled with GMOs and lectins.

Free range : The animals were given access to the outdoors for at least 5 minutes a day. This does not mean they were outside; they were given access and it was their choice whether or not to go outside.

Cage free : Not confined to cages but are still likely confined to an overcrowded warehouse.

Pastured-Raised : Means the chickens must be limited to 1,000 birds per 2.5 acres. Field rotation is mandatory. The hens must be kept outdoors throughout the year with safe, accessible housing.

Omega-3 : The eggs were laid by hens who consumed a diet enhanced with algae or flaxseed. These eggs have a much higher level of omega-3 than do conventional eggs.

Hormone-free : Animals were not fed hormones. They could have been fed GMO grains, antibiotics or animal by-products.

Antibiotic-free : Animals were not fed any antibiotics. This does not mean they were not fed animal by-products or GMO products.

Grass-fed : This means animals were fed grass at some time in their lives, but not exclusively grass-fed.

“Grass-fed and grass-finished” or “100% grass-fed” means the animals were only fed grass and no corn, soy or other grains.

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